Sustainable livelihood for humanity and sustainable ecosystems for our planet.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a perfect example of the paradox of the plenty: the country is extremely rich in natural resources (estimated at $24 Trillion USD) while its per capita income ranks amongst the lowest in the world.

77 % of the population of the DRC live on $ 1.90 a day which according to the World Bank, this is defined as extreme poverty and the Congo is home to 7.2 percent of the World’s poorest population. If this trend continues, one out of two Congolese (60 Million people) will be living in even poorer conditions in 2030. 


The Democratic Republic of the Congo 's small farms have the potential to contribute to a successful agricultural revolution by becoming one that is employment intensive and pro-environment. By 2030, we believe it is possible to more than double the agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers, in particular women and family farmers.
Urgently needed is a shift from "unsustainable extensification” to what has become known as “sustainable intensification”. In order for “sustainable intensification” to happen in the Congo, its small holder farmers need three things (1) new markets, (2) new skills, (3) finance to combine the new skills with the new markets. We see the opportunity how fullfill this agenda and to leverage our wherewithal and meet these needs at scale.


Inspired by the 50,000 uses of the hemp plant and the potential market demand of the products, RainTrust has developed the "Agri Industrial Zone" designed to stimulate livlihood in the regions where we have land agreements. the concept of incentivizing all participants either by way of contract farming or jobs, communties will share in the profits and will have a major way forward for generations to come.
RainTrust will leverage amazing relationships, pedagogical methods, and technology to evolve and scale the solution while maintaining a viable and healthy ecosystem which supports wildlife, forests and farmers.  


RainTrust is developing:
A world class Agri Industrial business zone will be established in each zone and include:

A paper mill using only hemp to make paper and cardboard packaging without cutting one tree.

Textile milling, hemp blended with cotton creates a world class product and opens the Congo to the $900 Million international market and also, introduces the country as a new center of fashion design.

Hempcrete materials made from hemp and lime is used in the construction of housing. This business will stimulate the development of a low cost housing industry operated by local Congolese. We plan developing several factories throughout the regions.

Bioplastics made with Hemp
Our plan includes using hemp in the development of biodegradable plastic bags and a myriad of other uses.